Error in AlienPoker software. I bet on the flop. The next player is disconnected from the Internet and is given extra time for his/her turn. He cannot reconnect to the game in time, but still continues to participate in the hand without making a call, with an “All-in” note on his/her avatar.

2019-04-16 06:41:18

We have installed the “Disconnect protection” system on our website to protect player’s funds in case of Internet connection problems. This feature is available to players once a week and is triggered automatically.

In case of a connection failure, a player plays for the amount that has been already added to the main pot before the player was disconnected. In this case player’s avatar displays “All-in”. The deal result is calculated as if the user went “All-in” and had a zero stack.

This feature is very helpful in those regions where the Internet connection is unstable and it’s impossible to quickly re-enter the game. If you see a player uses this feature every day and you suspect malice in his actions, you can contact the customer support and report the player’s nickname. We will investigate this user’s hands. In case an evidence of abuse is found, AlienPoker reserves the right to deny this user’s access to this feature.